Bill Maher Shares What He Thinks Is Democrats’ ‘Achilles Heel’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Bill Maher sounded the alarm on Democrats once again and shared what he thought could be the party’s “Achilles heel” in its chances of maintaining power.

“I think you can claim the moral high ground if you’re anti,” the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” told Alabama.com in a piece published Monday.

“I feel like that’s the Achilles heel of the left right now,” he added. “They identify issues mostly by what they can feel superior to another person for.” (RELATED: Maher Slams Liberal Media For Ignoring Hunter Biden Laptop Right To Cuomo’s Face)

The HBO host talked about his recent tour through southern cities and said it was great to have people in the same room together, on both the left and right, having a good laugh.

“It was great to see where there were people who don’t agree politically who can get in the same room,” Maher explained.

“There were a few groans from the right when I said something bad about them, and some from the left when that happened. But basically, everyone laughed together. And we have to get back to that.” (RELATED: Dave Chappelle Reportedly Planning To Do US Cities Tour If Netflix Takes Down ‘Closer’ Special)

“This country is falling apart at the seams,” he added. “Half the people are not going to self-deport. You see these tweets and memes about owning and destroying the other side. Get over it. You’re not owning or destroying anybody. No one’s going anywhere. We have to learn to live together again.”

Maher has warned Democrats about the dangers of “wokeism” and “cancel culture.” In November, he said the Democratic party was “toxic” during his appearance on CNN, Fox News reported.

“The reason why you’re so toxic is because you’ve become the party of no common sense,” the TV host said during that appearance.