Caitlyn Jenner Says NCAA Needs To ‘Stop’ Allowing Trans Athletes To Compete Against Women

(Photo credit: Screenshot/Fox News Channel 1-19-22)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Caitlyn Jenner said Wednesday that the “woke world” people are living in right now “isn’t working” and called on the NCAA to “stop” allowing trans athletes to compete in women’s sports.

“First of all, number one, biological boys, I’ve said from the beginning, should not be playing in women’s sports,” Jenner explained during an appearance on Fox News’ “America Reports.”

“We need to protect women’s sports,” Jenner added. “Obviously this is about Lia Thomas, who has brought a lot of attention to this issue. First of all, I respect her decision to live her life authentically, 100%. But it also comes with responsibility and some integrity. I don’t know why she’s doing this.” (RELATED: REPORT: Members Of Caitlyn Jenner’s Family ‘Embarrassed’ By Governor Run)


“It’s not good for the trans community,” Jenner continued. “I mean, we have a lot of issues in the trans community that are very difficult and very challenging. We have a suicide rate that’s nine times higher than the general public. But it’s also not good for women’s sports.” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Slams UPenn Decision Allowing Trans Swimmer To Crush Women)

The retired Olympic gold medal athlete said Thomas, a trans athlete on the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team, knows “she’s beating the competition by two laps.” (RELATED: ‘Our Coach Just Really Likes Winning’: Teammate Of Trans Swimmer Speaks Out)

The former California gubernatorial candidate said the UPenn swimmer “was born a biological boy” and was raised “as a biological boy.” Jenner said the trans swimmer’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as Thomas’ hands, were “bigger” and the trans swimmer “can swim faster.”

“All of this woke world that we are living in right now is not working,” the retired Olympian said. “I feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there, especially at Penn or anybody she’s competing against, because in the woke world you gotta to say ‘oh, my gosh, this is great, and on and on and on.’ No it’s not.”

“We need to protect women’s sports and the NCAA needs to make the right decision tomorrow, and I think that’s probably to stop this right now, rethink it,” the former Olympian added.

Jenner talked about how a Texas state law went into effect Tuesday that requires athletes to only compete on school sports teams based on what their “original birth certificate said” and not if they had “changed it.” The former reality star also noted how the International Olympic Committee is “looking into these issues again, because they have been doing this for a long time.”