‘What Is A Woman?’: Matt Walsh Challenges ‘Non-Binary’ Guests On Transgenderism

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh debated a “non-binary” couple on transgender ideology during a Wednesday appearance on “Dr. Phil.”

Walsh joined Addison and Ethan, a “non-binary” married couple, to debate issues related to gendered bathrooms, the differentiation between biological sex and gender identity, and pronouns. Addison described sex as “our biological makeup” while gender is “between the ears.”

Walsh called the couple’s claims on gender “total nonsense,” defining sex as biological and gender as “a linguistic term.” The “Matt Walsh Show” host argued that proponents of gender ideology cannot define basic gendered terms such as “man” or “woman.” (RELATED: Twitter Suspends Matt Walsh Over Transgender Tweets)

“When a four-year-old boy comes to you and says, ‘Oh, I’m a girl,’ here’s a good follow-up question. What is a girl? Ask him what he means that; ‘What do you mean by a girl?’ And when you ask him that, here’s what he’ll tell you,” Walsh began. “He will tell you what he really means is that he wants to do some of the things that girls do, like play with a dollhouse or he likes the color pink. That’s fine, play with a dollhouse, but you’re still a boy.”

“This is one of the problems with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean,” he continued. “It’s like, what is a woman? Can you tell me what a woman is?”

The podcast host defined a woman as an “adult human female” and argued that supporters of gender ideology, like Addison and Ethan, want to “appropriate woman, you want to appropriate womanhood.” Ethan and Addison both argued that they cannot define the term given that it has a different meaning for every individual.

“So what did you mean when you said ‘trans-women are women’ if you don’t know what it means?” Walsh challenged.

“I do not define what a woman is because I do not identify as a woman,” Addison replied. “Womanhood is something that is an umbrella term. It includes people who identify as a woman… It’s to each their own. Each woman, each man, each person, is going to have a different relation with their own gender identity and define it differently.”

Dr. Suzy D’Enbeau, an associate professor of Kent State University, said gender identity is a “social construct” that needs to be taught to children in order to develop the understanding that gender is disconnected from sex. Walsh countered by saying that supporters of gender identity are “conflating gender and sex” when they argue that a self-professed gender identity can equal sex.

“I care about the truth, so basic truth matters,” Walsh said. “I want to live in a society where people care about the truth and we’re grounded in truth. I care about children, and these insane ideas about gender are being foisted on kids and that bothers me quite a bit. I care about the women who are having their opportunities stolen from them. I care quite a bit, yeah.”

Two concerned parents, Matt and Staci, said they “felt trapped” and that the education system was “crossing the line” by teaching students about gender identity and pronouns. Matt said gender neutral bathrooms and locker rooms are unsafe and dangerous for children, saying, “my daughter would not feel safe or secure if she had to share a bathroom or a gender-neutral locker room with boys.”

Walsh raised the incident that occurred in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a biological male sexually assaulted a teenage girl in a girls’ bathroom on May 28, 2021. The 14-year-old suspect was found guilty of all charges in late October. Walsh argued such assaults are inevitable when biological males are allowed into women’s bathrooms.

The Loudoun County School District denied having any knowledge of the sexual assault incident in October.