Irate Liberals Are Freaking Out Because Sam Elliott Doesn’t Like Their Gay Western


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Superstar Western actor Sam Elliott went viral Wednesday as irate liberals lost their minds over his personal opinion of the multi-award-losing movie “The Power of The Dog.”

“Can someone explain to Sam Elliott what The Power of the Dog is about — and what movies are?” one journalist from The Guardian wrote in an op-ed, where the opening line describes how Elliott has more than 100 screen credits (so probably knows at least a little bit about films).

Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer, who lives in the South, posted to her Twitter feed, “I mean most movies about the American West don’t know anything about the American West including the ones Sam Elliott has been a part of. They erase the presence of anyone who isn’t white or male when the west was mostly built by Indigenous, Black, Mexican & Chinese people.”

Mercury News went so far as to state that Elliott went on a “homophobic rant,” which suggests that they didn’t actually listen to the podcast where Elliott made the comments. (RELATED: Sam Elliott Says Liberal Hollywood’s Favorite New Western Is Stupid, Way Too Gay, And Frankly, Not Even A Western)

In the “WTF” podcast hosted by Marc Maron, Elliott voiced his disdain for the portrayal of the American West in Jane Campion’s latest flick. Elliott said he was “rubbed the wrong way” by the New Zealand director making a film about the American West on location in New Zealand.

“They’re running around in chaps and no shirts. There’s all these allusions of homosexuality throughout the f**king movie,” Elliott continued.

“No one tell Sam Elliott about ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ because he already has his chaps in a twist about Jane Campion’s ‘The Power of the Dog,'” the Huffington Post tweeted.

Had the Huffington Post team done one quick Google search, they’d know that Elliott had high praise for “Brokeback Mountain,” calling it a “beautiful film” and praising the film’s director, Ang Lee.

While critically acclaimed by the woke liberal media, “The Power of the Dog” failed to win a single award at the 2022 SAG awards, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It is currently nominated for 12 Academy Awards, which is a metric fewer and fewer people care about. (RELATED: Pat Sajak Savages The Academy Awards In Less Than 280 Characters On Twitter)

Given that Elliott is arguably the most influential western actor in modern history, and is currently starring in the epic new “Yellowstone” spin-off “1883,” his opinion on westerns is likely based on more factual information than Twitter trolls trying to cancel him.

The Federalist’s Emily Jashinsky jumped to Elliott’s defense, writing that Elliott made a “serious and reasonable argument” by questioning the “authenticity” of the film after being prompted by Maron to give his opinion.

Academy Award-nominated Elliott is a self-professed Western “purist,” noted Jashinsky, once again justifying his personal opinion of the “The Power of the Dog.”

Other Twitter users who are part of the film, comedy and acting community made light of the comments.

Elliott was the third-most popular trend Tuesday on Twitter for his honest opinion of the boring film (just my opinion).

Maron misquoted an article he believed to be from The Los Angeles Times, but was actually from the New York Times, which called the film, “a great American story and a dazzling evisceration of one of the country’s foundational myths.”

Elliott disagreed. Imagine that! Someone having a different opinion to the NY Times?! How dare he…