Colin Kaepernick Is Still Trying To Play In The NFL

Colin Kaepernick (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video https://twitter.com/Kaepernick7/status/1502021319075926023 and Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Colin Kaepernick is apparently still trying to make a return to the NFL.

The disgraced former 49ers quarterback hasn’t played in the NFL in several seasons, and he’s never come too close to lacing up his cleats again. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

However, he’s still trying to get on a roster.

He posted a workout video Thursday, and in response, Adam Scehfter tweeted that a source told him Kaep is “in the best shape of his life. He wants to play. He’s ready play. He would be a great fit for teams with QB vacancies to fill who want to win a Super Bowl.”

That’s right, folks! Kaepernick is focused on helping a team win the Super Bowl!

It’s important to note, as always, that Kaepernick is not a hero. The former 49ers QB wore pig socks, compared cops to slave catchers, claimed they can murder people with impunity and get paid leave, didn’t stand for the anthem and praised Fidel Castro.

Is there anyone who thinks Kaepernick has a serious shot at returning to the NFL? The answer to that question has to be no.

There’s no rational NFL fan who can possibly believe a team has interest in him. He last played in 2016! How the hell is a guy who last played in 2016 going to be ready to roll after six years off?

Kaepernick, at this point, has no shot of ever playing in the NFL again, and that’s not something fans are going to shed a lot of tears over.