Rob O’Neill Tells Awesome Story About Waking Up Terrorists In The Middle Of The Night

Rob O'Neill (Credit: Daily Caller and DARREN MCCOLLESTER/AFP via Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Rob O’Neill had a lot of fun waking up bad guys in the middle of the night.

During my interview with the former SEAL Team 6 operator, we talked about tactics changing over time and he shared an incredible story about quietly waking up the bad guys in the middle of the night.

“Why are we blasting that thing when we can pick the lock? Why are we yelling when we can wake them up? That was actually the most fun of war to me was walking up on a terrorist and putting a finger on their lips and waking him up this worst nightmare,” O’Neill explained when talking about how tactics change over time and the need to be flexible.

You can watch his full comments below.

If waking up a terrorist in the middle of the night by putting a finger on their lips isn’t badass, then I simply don’t know what is.

Imagine being a bad guy, being in a deep sleep and then getting woken up by a guy decked out in tactical gear and night vision.

You’re probably going to need to change your underwear!

Make sure to keep checking back for the latest clips as we have them, and I hope you all enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed filming it!