‘Yeah, F*ck That’: Dua Lipa Takes Over A Vogue Interview With Her Raw Take On Relationships

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dua Lipa graced the cover of the June/July 2022 edition of Vogue, and has boldly shared her very raw take on relationships with fans.

The famous artist first began dating Anwar Hadid in 2019, and the couple shared numerous snippets of their romance online. They have since quietly broken up, and now that she has attained single status, the young star has crisp views about dating, according to Vogue.

During the interview, she detailed one of her solo nights out, and when asked about her perspective about not having a man by her side, she declared, “Yeah, F*ck That,” the outlet reported. “I want to know I can just be there for myself, you know?”


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During her time with Anwar, Dua Lipa was also spotted with his very famous sisters, supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, and much of her dating life unfolded in the public sphere. Dua Lipa expressed the dramatic change that unfolded as she adjusted to her lifestyle as a single person, detailing a time she went alone to New York’s Cosme, and was met with scrutiny. (RELATED: Hilary Duff Goes No Clothes At All For Women’s Health Shoot)


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“Some people on the internet were like, ‘Oh, Dua went out for dinner on her own, blah blah, I do this all the time.’ And I think that’s amazing if you do it all the time. You must be so confident. But it was a big step for me. I was nervous—like, what am I gonna do? I don’t want to be on my phone,” she told Vogue.

Being single has been a refreshing change for Dua Lipa, who seems to be embracing this new phase of her life.

“The next chapter of my life is about truly being good with being alone,” Dua Lipa said.