Doja Cat’s Outfit Sparks Backlash, Respect At 2022 Billboard Music Awards

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Doja Cat rocked a wild Elsa Schiaparelli outfit at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and used tiny nipple pasties that left fans divided about her nearly-topless fashion statement.

Some fans loved the fashion risk and respected Doja Cat for being able to pull off this look, while others were quick to point out that her nipples shouldn’t have been the focal point of her attire for the evening, according to comments made on Twitter. Comments on social media ranged from, “Best look of anyone all year,” all the way to “these celebs need to get normal clothes for once holy shit,” according to Twitter. Another Twitter user wrote, “Man, I thought Doja Cat melted down that Grammy to give her some new earrings and nipple guards.”

Doja Cat gets a lot of attention when she steps out for awards shows and is known for her wild outfits. She isn’t afraid to step onto a stage while wearing bizarre costumes. However, her fashion statement for the 2022 Billboard Awards may just be the bravest, boldest one she has ever made. She wore a sheer chest wrap over a pair of very small gold-metallic pasties that she had affixed to her nipples. (RELATED: A Bathroom Break Almost Got Between Doja Cat And Her Grammy Award)

The entire outfit was accented with oversized gold statement pieces, including bold earrings, and a gold-shaped toe cap, as seen on Twitter. She held a golden purse that was designed to look like Saturn, and even her fingertips boasted the golden theme. Despite including numerous unique elements in her outfit, the tiny, gold, cone-shaped pasties snagged all the attention and got people talking.

“Your tits are out, ma’am,” said one tweet, while another tweet stated, “They put a lot of thought into this outside! To rock this without the pasties would have set this off.”