Delta Force Veterans React To The War In Ukraine, Explain How To Stop China From Invading Taiwan

Delta Force (Credit: Brian Gilligan and Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Preventing China from invading Taiwan might be the most important foreign policy issue after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

I spoke to former Delta Force commandos Bob Keller, Brian Gilligan and Nate Dudley about the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the biggest issue might actually be tied to China.

“The only goal that makes any sense is preventing China from invading Taiwan. That’s really the only thing that matters here,” Dudley explained during the interview.

He further added that he’s still not sure why the United States hasn’t parked an aircraft carrier group between Taiwan and China. You can watch his full comments below.

This is why I love interviewing these guys. They always have unique and interesting perspectives, and it’s clear that Dudley thinks keeping China in check is a serious concern.

“I don’t think Putin is going to March into Europe Europe, but if he does, that’s Europe’s problem. They should have been paying their fair share into NATO for decades,” was also another interesting perspective from Dudley. He clearly has some very strong opinions on the situation.

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