PETA Lashes Out At Jack Harlow For Featuring Horse Racing In His Music Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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PETA is outraged by Jack Harlow’s depiction of the Kentucky Derby in his “Churchill Downs” music video and has asked him to rectify this issue by paying for the care and rescue of American Thoroughbred horses.

Harlow released the music video June 1, and PETA immediately criticized his portrayal of the animals. PETA slammed the artist for “glamorizing horse racing,” a source revealed to TMZ. PETA believes Harlow has only demonstrated the positive elements associated with horse racing and is “missing the whips, drugs, and deaths that run rampant in the industry,” according to TMZ.

Louisville, Kentucky, is Harlow’s hometown. He shot the video alongside Drake, and they can both be seen standing at the Kentucky Derby, dressed in crisp suits, with the horse races surrounding them. They each had stacks of cash in their hands as they bet on the horses. PETA maintains their stance that horses are abused in such situations. (RELATED: Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Her 96th Birthday In Jaw-Dropping Style)

PETA has accused Harlow of profiting off the abuse of animals by featuring horse racing so prominently in his video, and are asking him to pay to take care of Thoroughbred horses that they say would otherwise be destined to be sent to a slaughterhouse, according to TMZ.

The organization claims that roughly three racehorses die on U.S. tracks every day, and they claim 7,500 Thoroughbred horses are taken to be slaughtered every year, according to TMZ.