‘I Wish I Hadn’t Seen The Video’: Mother Of Man Injured At Harry Styles Concert Speaks Out About Her Son’s Injuries


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Marion Hawkins has spoken out about the moment she found out her son Dylan Wood fell from the balcony at the Harry Styles concert, Saturday, and is shedding light on the severity of his injuries.

The concert was held in Glasgow and was the first tour stop of Harry’s worldwide “Love On Tour 2022” series. Wood was on the third tier of seating when Styles began performing his song “Kiwi,” at roughly 10:15pm. It was at that time that terrifying video footage captured the image of his body plummeting downward. “I wish I hadn’t watched the video, you get a picture in your own head of what it looked like but seeing that was terrible,” Hawkins said, according to The Sun. “If I hadn’t heard that it was Dylan in that video, I’d have thought it was a blow up doll,” she said.

Hawkins was in bed when her phone rang and she was alerted to the fact that her son had taken a terrible fall and was being rushed to the hospital. “I thought it was maybe him phoning to wind me up that he was at a Harry Styles concert,” Hawkins said, but she quickly realized she was speaking with a paramedic from the ambulance. “I need you to get to hospital,” said the medic, according to The Sun.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Hawkins was cautioned about what she would see when she laid eyes on her son. “The nurse in high dependency said it would be a ‘wee bit scary when you go in,’ she told me they couldn’t believe he was alive after the fall he had,” Hawkins said, according to The Sun.(RELATED: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Jonathan Goodwin Paralyzed After Getting Crushed And Caught On Fire)


In spite of the horrifying ordeal he had endured, Hawkins said Wood was in good spirits. “They put him on the ventilator on the life support machine to stabilize him and then the next day they took him off it and started supervising him and he seemed to be okay,” she said.

As for his current condition, it appears Wood is miraculously making a speedy recovery. “He’s in high dependency because of his head and they have to keep an eye on him,” Hawkins said to The Sun. Wood didn’t suffer any broken bones, but he did have a concussion. “I can’t believe he’s walked away with a few bumps and cuts,” Hawkins said. She went on to detail that he is eager to go home.

“Doctors can’t believe it. This is as serious as it could have been,” she said, according to The Sun.