Nicole Kidman’s Dramatic Runway Walk Captures Attention At Balenciaga’s Fashion Show

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Nicole Kidman walked the runway Wednesday for the 2022 Balenciaga show during Paris Couture Fashion Week, and her dramatic strut stole the show.

Kidman strayed from the fashion world’s traditional runway walk, opting instead to add her own personal style to her grand appearance. The 55-year-old actress immediately turned heads when she appeared wrapped in a metallic silver Balenciaga fashion piece, but it wasn’t just the stunning outfit that garnered attention. Her exaggerated drama added a unique element to the runway that nobody expected.

Kidman showcased some unexpected pep in her step, making the celebrity-studded crowd do a double take. Catching her audience by surprise, she thrust her hips with each step, and completely abandoned the straight-backed, perfect posture that everyone has come to expect from a model on the runway.

Her shoulders matched the swing of her hips, adding more upper body movement on the runway than models typically share. (RELATED: Sydney Sweeney’s Glitzy Skirt Is This Summer’s Must-Have)


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Kidman’s movements were theatrical in their delivery. She continued to shatter runway norms by tilting her head downwards, then raising it again, rather than maintaining the typical runway posture.

The fashion show was the unveiling of Demna’s second couture collection for Balenciaga. Kidman’s oversized metallic dress wrapped loosely around her body and gathered at the side. The side ruching was just a landing spot for the extra fabric, which continued to cascade in a long, majestic, metallic train for several feet.


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Kidman’s outfit was accented with two black, arm-length gloves, and she wore black tights and shoes underneath.

Her dramatic eyeliner added even more impact to the very intense facial expressions she put on display while she walked the show.