Trump’s First Challenger? Gov. Noem Runs Ad In Key Primary States

[Screenshot/Facebook/Kristi Noem]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem ran a new political advertisement in key primary states in June.

The advertisement, “Saddle Up,” details the personal hardships she endured as a child after losing her father in an accident and nearly losing their ranch, which was saved through “grit” and “God’s grace.” The ad touted South Dakota’s economy, tourism and the trend of families moving to the state.

“Here, freedom runs free. So saddle up, we’re just getting started,” the governor said in the ad.

Her campaign released a total of nine ads. Overall, the advertisement earned one quarter of its audience size from South Dakota, 11% in South Carolina, 10% in Ohio, nine percent in Pennsylvania and six percent in Iowa, according to Meta summary data. (RELATED: Kristi Noem Attempts To Broaden Support In Major Speech Ahead Of Potential 2024 Run)

The advertisement earned the majority of its audience size from probable key swing states in the 2024 presidential election, including New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa. One version of the ad earned 86% of its audience from New Hampshire, another earned 93% of its views from Ohio, and one garnered 87% of its views in Nevada. A separate advertisement earned 86% in Pennsylvania.

Another ad earned the majority of its views from Texas, followed by California, Florida and Pennsylvania. One ad had an audience solely from South Carolina, while another had 86% of its audience come from Iowa.

One of the ads, which earned an estimated audience size of over 1 million, earned the majority of its viewership in South Dakota with six percent coming from Texas. An estimated four percent came from her own state, Ohio and Florida and three percent from California, Mississippi, Michigan and Tennessee.

A recent poll found that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is narrowly leading former President Donald Trump among Republican support in a potential 2024 presidential primary. The Florida governor garnered 39% of support while Trump attained 37%. Noem garnered one percent of support.