‘I Don’t Want To Answer That Question’: Visibly Uncomfortable Rep Cori Bush Refuses To Say If Biden Should Run In 2024

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush refused to say whether President Joe Biden should run for a second term during an interview Monday.

“Do you want to see Joe Biden run for a second term?” a reporter asked Bush during an interview at her campaign headquarters, according to KSDK.

“She’s got to go,” a staffer quickly interjects, with Bush hesitating before agreeing she had to leave.

“That’s an easy question, it’s not going to take long, do you want to see Joe Biden run,” the reporter pressed.

“I don’t want to answer that question, ” Bush said. “He’s the president. He has the right to run for a second term.” (RELATED: Former Dem Party Chair Pours Cold Water On A Biden 2024 Run)

Bush’s staffer then said she had two minutes to get to her car for a second campaign event before the interview ended.

Biden’s possible re-election has some Democrats worried, with polls showing a majority of registered Democrats would prefer a different Democratic nominee in 2024, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll. Ninety-four percent of Democrats under the age of 30 said they would prefer a different nominee to Biden.

Progressive group RootsAction plans to launch a national campaign after the midterm elections called ‘Don’t Run Joe.’

“With so much at stake, making him the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake,” the group’s website says. “The threat of a neofascist GOP has become all too obvious.”

“Unfortunately, President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring. And his prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak.”