Famous Actor From ‘Last Picture Show’ Dead At 93

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Clu Gulager, the multi faceted actor known for his roles in “The Tall Man,” “The Virginian” and “Last Picture Show,” died Friday of natural causes at the age of 93.

Gulager’s daughter-in-law, Diane Goldner, confirmed the actor died at his son John’s home, “surrounded by his loving family” when he passed away, the statement read in part.

“Clu was as caring as he was loyal and devoted to his craft, a proud member of the Cherokee nation, a rule-breaker, sharp and astute and on the side—always—of the oppressed,” the statement continued. “He was good-humored, an avid reader, tender and kind. Loud and dangerous.”

The actor married to singer and actress Miriam Byrd-Nethery in 1960 until her death in 2003, according to Variety. Gulager’s family expressed he was “shocked that he lived, for even a day” following her death, the statement read. (RELATED: ‘Magnum P.I.’ Actor Roger E. Mosley Dies At 83)

“He is survived by his sons John and Tom, their partners Diane and Zoe, his cherished grandson Clu Mosha, dedicated fans, and decades of extraordinary students,” the statement from his family concludes. “His family will miss him terribly.”

Gulager is recognized for his talents both on the big and small screen. He was also acknowledged for his work as editor and director of the film “A Day With The Boys,” which opened with rave reviews at the 1970 Cannes Film Festival.

Gulager’s 7-decade career as a veteran actor netted him 165 acting credits, according to IMDb. His unwavering dedication to his career was visible in his appearance in more than 50 episodes of “The Virginian,” in the unforgettable role of Deputy Sheriff Emmett Ryker, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gulager’s diverse acting portfolio also included memorable roles in “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “Knight Rider,” and “Hawaii Five-O,” according to The New York Post.