Enes Freedom Shares Conversation With Assistant Coach Who Says He Was Shamed For Political Views

Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Seth Roy Contributor
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NBA free agent Enes Freedom took to Twitter on Saturday, sharing a conversation with an assistant coach who quit his job after being ridiculed by the organization for his conservative political views.

In the tweet shared by Freedom, the anonymous assistant coach says he was “treated like absolute dogsh*t” after being called a “racist” by another coach on the staff. This occurred after he said the United States began to divide under President Barack Obama and not his successor, Donald Trump.

This assistant coach shown in the thread was attacked throughout the entirety of last year’s NBA season for his beliefs.

At the end of the text, the coach expressed concerns about our freedoms crumbling and how lessons of World War II are being forgotten. (REPORT: LeBron James ‘Raged’ To NBA Players About Former Rockets GM Daryl Morey Supporting Freedom In Hong Kong)

It’s unfortunate to learn how this undisclosed NBA franchise operates in a so called “professional” workplace. When you get dragged for having opinions opposite those of your colleagues, you shouldn’t be made to feel like an outlier. If the other 29 teams in the NBA are running their franchise like this one, then there is a big problem.

You have the right to form your own opinion, and you should never be cancelled or called racist for thinking differently from some of your colleagues. This message chain is yet another example of the reprehensible behavior the NBA has undertaken to further its agenda.