‘It’s Been Hell’: Chemical Reaction Forces Locals To Throw Out Food, Furniture

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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A chemical reaction at a New Jersey truck stop that sent a foul odor into the air forced residents to throw away food and furniture that still have the smell.

The reaction started at some point last week at the TA Travel Center Truck Stop in East Greenwich Township, New Jersey, according to CBS News. Complaints about the odor were reported in Gloucester and Camden counties, as well as some parts of Philadelphia, the outlet reported.

An investigation found the foul smell was traced to a TransChem USA truck parked at the stop, CBS News reported. Officials say that the odor was caused by a reaction in a decomposing fuel additive that produced hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, according to the outlet.

“It’s been hell. We’ve been staying here on and off. We’ve been staying with family members because of the smell.” Chris DiVietro, a resident who lives across the street from the stop, told CBS News. “We threw away all our food, chips, cereal, ice cream in the freezer.” (RELATED: Missing Mom Found Dead In Trunk Of Her Car After Neighbors Complain Of Foul Odor)

The air around the truck stop is being monitored around the clock, CBS News reported. The smell poses no health risks to humans or pets, while the odor has not been released from the truck since Friday, the outlet reported citing officials.

“The goal has been transparency, to be able to make sure we explain to each and every resident what has occurred, what has happened, what we are currently doing, and what the end result is going to be,” Dale Archer, the mayor of East Greenwich Township, told CBS News.

East Greenwich Township did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller for comment.

One lawsuit has been filed in regards to the incident, while businesses have filed insurance claims due to closures stemming from the odor, according to CBS News.