‘Disgusting Little Hypocrite’: Tucker Carlson Explains Why Hispanics Are Fleeing The Democratic Party

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson weighed in on the reasons Hispanic voters are fleeing the Democratic Party on his show Friday.

Carlson named violent crime and Democratic leaders’ hostility toward migrants entering their communities as the main reasons Hispanic voters have fled the Democratic Party. He said Hispanic immigrants came to the U.S. to escape the chaos of their native countries, only to be met by more violence.

The host played a segment of Democratic D.C. councilwoman Brianne Nadeau blaming the governors of Texas and Arizona for converting the city into a “border town.” The governors have continued bussing migrants to the city since April to combat the border crisis in their own state’s communities.

“Really? Why is that bad?” Carlson said. “What’s wrong with border towns? Weren’t you just telling us, Brianne Nadeau how great border towns are? So much diversity. So much strength. But as it turns out and this probably won’t shock you, Brianne Nadeau didn’t mean any of it. Brianne Neadeau doesn’t want illegal aliens in her neighborhood any more than the overwhelmingly Hispanic voters of Zapata County, Texas, want them in theirs. So what would that make Brianne Nadeau? A disgusting little hypocrite. You knew that already. A lot of Hispanic voters are learning it now.”

Carlson then turned to violent crime surging in the country which, he said, has moved Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party. He played footage of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticizing former President Donald Trump for calling members of MS-13 “animals.” (RELATED: ‘They Don’t Represent Our Values’: GOP Candidate Rips The NYT For Labeling Her ‘Far-Right’)

A MS-13 gang member stabbed a man in Washington D.C. over 100 times, beheaded him, and ripped out his heart in 2017. Another man murdered a woman in front of her children. Carlson reiterated Trump’s statement that these are the actions of an “animal.”

He then said many who had escaped from their own countries to the U.S. are proponents of the rule of the law. He said liberals, however, apply a double standard to the laws of the land based on an individual’s race.

“The rule of law is the one thing that America has always had that the rest of the world has not, that’s why people come here,” he said. “And most immigrants consider it important still. Liberals do not consider it important, they’re working to end it. Equal protection under the law is disappearing. At every level of American life, liberals apply a double standard and that double standard is based on race.”

He said immigrants come to the U.S. to have equal protection under the law, but Democrats have not applied that. Krystle Matthews, a South Carolina Democrat running for Senate, called for treating white people “like sh*t.” Another incident showed footage of a Memphis man vow to kill white people inside his car.

His remarks came the day after Ezekiel Kelly killed four people on a shooting spree in Memphis. Democratic Tennessee state Rep. Antonio Parkinson warned that Kelly will likely be killed by police, despite the crime he had committed.

“Joe Biden’s DOJ is standing back and doing nothing. In other words, they’re allowing violent race hate to flourish in the United States. At the same time, they’re telling you white supremacy’s the biggest threat we face,” Carlson added. “This is terrifying on many levels, but above all, once again, is an attack not on any specific ethnic group, but on a principle that protects all of us and that’s the principle of equal justice under the law. If you move to the United States from Latin America hoping to live under a fair justice system, this might bother you. And a lot of people are bothered. They don’t want to live in Honduras, that’s why they moved here.”

He said Hispanic immigrants are witnessing Democrats “doubling down” on crime happening in many middle class areas of the country that were previously considered safe.