New York Democrat Says He Endorsed Republican Lee Zeldin Over Hochul Because He’s ‘Better For The Job’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic New York City Councilman Robert Holden said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” that he endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin over incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul.

Holden told co-host Ainsley Earhardt that he’s been a Democrat for decades but he is encouraging all New Yorkers to vote Republican amidst a dramatic rise in crime.

“Fifty years I’ve been a Democrat and we can see it on our streets, any time you go out in New York City there seems to be problems. You go into our subways, my wife won’t ride the subway at all because of the violence that we see. It has gotten out of hand,” Holden said. “All you have to do is look around and I am a common sense Democrat that means I will endorse Republicans when I think they are better for the job and certainly Lee Zeldin is better for the job than Kathy Hochul, our current governor.”


Holden said he doesn’t support the “ridiculous mandates” Hochul has put in place along with the drastic spike in crime. (RELATED: Lee Zeldin’s Life Put On The Line After ‘Dog Whistle’ From Hochul, Daily Caller Reporter Says)

“We are under siege here and we need help. We need a governor that will again stop the revolving door that we have in our courts now,” Holden said. “People are committing 20-30 crimes and just walking on the street the next day.”

Holden had a message for New Yorkers, telling them “don’t vote party, vote a person.”

Zeldin recently survived an attempted stabbing at a campaign event just weeks after Hochul released an ad saying Zeldin wasn’t “just any Republican” but rather an “extreme” candidate.

“Meet Lee Zeldin, the far-right extremist that the Republicans just nominated for governor,” Hochul said in a tweet. “Despite what he might try to sell you, the facts speak for themselves: he is dangerous for New York.”

Zeldin was later attacked at a campaign event while speaking about bail reform. The suspect, David Jakubonis, climbed on stage and allegedly attempted to stab Zeldi, saying “you’re done” while the congressman rallied. Jakubonis was arrested and charged with second-degree attempted assault but was later released from jail.

Violent crimes in New York City hit record highs in 2021 though the city is expected to pass their violent crime rate for 2022.