Die Of Cringe At Trudeau’s Seemingly Drunken Singing Caught On Camera


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Happy Monday, everybody. If your case of the Sunday Scaries still hasn’t been alleviated by your overpriced coffee this morning, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a song he’d like to sing for you to cheer you up.

Just kidding — Trudeau was caught, seemingly under the influence of alcohol (shame on him), singing a rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a small crowd of spectators while visiting London, England, to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Even if he wasn’t actually drunk, my advice for him is to tell people he absolutely was hammered, car-parked, wankered, and sloshed just so he has an excuse for this performance…

While some are supporting Trudeau’s seemingly human moment of making a total boob out of himself in public, others are disgusted by his timing. Me? Well, I’m just here as a spectator. I love whenever Trudeau does something that somehow makes my teeth feel itchy with cringe, but also makes me laugh out loud.

One YouTuber claimed Trudeau’s performance took place at The Savoy, a swanky British hotel where Chef Gordon Ramsay hosts one of his famous eateries, according to their website. Twitter users seemed to be focusing on the fact that Trudeau was once a drama teacher, joining the ranks of failed actors-turned-Democrats like Stacey Abrams and Jennifer Granholm in my list of Cringe Kings. (RELATED: Wait, Who TF Does This Guy Think He Is?)

No matter what you think about Trudeau’s singing while seemingly hammered, it seriously can’t be worse than that one time he got this haircut. If you’re still having a rough Monday morning after reading and watching all of this, there’s no way his former locks won’t cheer you up. You are welcome.