Rapper Implies Oprah Isn’t Black, Receives Swift Backlash

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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American rapper Yung Miami divided the internet September 27 after tweeting she was “the next black Oprah.”

Those four simple words caused a major blowout on social media, with some fans enraged that the young rapper would dare to compare herself to Oprah, while others condemning Yung Miami for insinuating that Oprah wasn’t Black.  Some fans rushed to the rappers defense. The common denominator in all of this was simple — Yung Miami just garnered a whole lot of attention, and those who didn’t know who she was before, are definitely familiar with her name now.

It’s unclear what Yung Miami meant by her post, but fans across the globe have their own views — and they’re not holding back.

One fellow named Jason interpreted the tweet as a diss to the Black community.” Oprah Winfrey was able to reach the world without the age of the internet. Saying “I want to be the Black Oprah” makes no sense to me. it’s not the statement y’all think it is TBH and undermines her reach within Black communities,” he wrote in a tweet. (RELATED: Netflix Kills Two ‘Anti Racism’ Shows, One Geared Toward Indoctrinating ‘Babies’)

Another fan thought this was a much deeper, more meaningful tweet that carried social and political relevance.

“i feel like caresha was making a political statement by calling herself “the Black oprah”, in her analysis she pointed out the discrepancy in identity between billionaires in the Black experience & because of ‘winfrey’s place in the capitalist scheme, she forfeits her Black card!” he wrote.

Others simply mocked the 28-year-old for presuming her podcast and current career path was comparable to Oprah’s legendary status.