This Is Obviously The Scariest Exorcism Movie Since … ‘The Exorcist’

Screenshot/YouTube/Lionsgate Movies

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for “Prey for the Devil” popped up on my Twitter feed this morning, and my goodness does it look scary.

The plotline is apparently centered on a demon possessing multiple people and spreading like an epidemic throughout the world, according to Collider. It’s being described as a supernatural horror film, wherein a nun is called upon to purge the demon from the bodies of so many people, as we see in the trailer.

While some might spin the plotline as a wokening of the exorcism genre, I actually love the idea of seeing a nun fight back against the agents of darkness. Add this unique take with the modern horror concept of a global rise in something scary, and I’m all in.

I’m not typically a horror-genre fan, preferring instead more dystopian stories, but this one does actually look pretty cool. I just really hope the script holds up to the standard set in the trailer and nominal press. (RELATED: Trailer For HBO’s Apocalyptic ‘Last Of Us’ Is Utterly Bone Chilling, A Must See)

Daniel Stamm directed the movie after his successes with “The Last Exorcism” and episodes of “Fear The Walking Dead,” Collider noted. The story was originally developed by Earl Richey Jones, Todd R. Jones, and Robert Zappia, who wrote the screenplay with the Jones’ producing. It hits theaters on Oct. 28.