Fresh Off Criticisms Of Antisemitism, Ye Literally Shouts ‘Jews!’ On A Podcast

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fresh off criticisms of being antisemitic, Kanye West, formally known as Ye, shouted “Jews!” on a podcast Sunday, while also making several other claims about Jews that relied on antisemitic tropes.

Ye joined Drink Champs to discuss The Kardashians, his children and fellow rap stars. Ye, however, made several comments targeting Jews.

“I had a show on HBO they didn’t use it’s called, ‘A Little Inappropriate,’ it was shot by Larry Charles, who shot ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,'” Ye said, before one of the podcast co-hosts asked if it ever aired. “And it didn’t get picked up.”

“Now, I’m doing the show again,” Ye added.

“You own it through, right?” one of the co-hosts asked.

“Of course not, who do you think owns it?” Ye said.

“The JEWS!” he then screamed.

Ye also relied on antisemitic tropes, such as Jews being wealthy, in order to make the claim that Jews were responsible for helping dissolve Catholic marriages.

“It’s like I respect what the Jewish people have done and how they brought their people together you know they came into money uh through the lawyers when uh, after Wall Street, when all of the like, the Catholics they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t divorce people right so the Jewish lawyers came and they were willing to divorce people, that’s when they first came into their money,” Ye said. (RELATED: Kanye West To Buy Parler)

“We are Jew, just like the Jewish people and now we’re coming into money, but the main thing is, I gotta drink the D’Usse over the Hennessy as the first step to us coming together like, how the Jewish people came together. But we couldn’t even talk about- I remember Ben Horowitz called me up after 4:44, said I don’t know about Jay giving up business, Jewish business secrets and these secrets … they not finna be a secret no more. Like if somebody tells me something like, ‘yo, I want to tell you this but it’s a secret,’ I’m like, ‘I’m not your personal hard drive.'”

“Like if you want to be a secret don’t tell me, I’m not here to keep nobody’s secrets because it’s only the truth that’s gonna set us free. And what they do is, the Jewish community especially in the music industry, they’ll take, in the entertainment period, they’ll take one of us, the brightest of us, right, that can really feed a whole village, they’ll take us and milk us till we die.”

Ye’s comments come just days after he was booted off Twitter for making antisemitic remarks.

Ye posted to Twitter that he was “going death con 3 [sic] On JEWISH PEOPLE” and was subsequently removed from Twitter for violating its policies. Ye has made other antisemitic comments, including saying that Jewish people are responsible for doing “bad business” in Hollywood.