‘The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever’ Announced Featuring Previously-Canceled Host

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Everyone’s favorite reality television host, Chris Harrison, is finally back, right as his once-superb show falls into the gutter in the wake of his woke firing.

Harrison said Monday that he was “very excited to announce” his new podcast partnership with iHeartRadio, as seen in a series of photos shared to his personal Instagram account. For those who don’t know Harrison, he was the long-term, legendary host of the previously good reality dating show “The Bachelor.”

The first episode of Harrison’s new “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever” will be released on Monday, Jan. 9th, according to the post.

Fans of “The Bachelor” (like I used to be) will get the title, which was once Harrison’s beloved catchphrase on the dating show. At the start of every new season, Harrison would inform the public that the upcoming episodes would be “the most dramatic ever” — and he was usually right!

The heartthrob was axed from “The Bachelor” franchise in Feb. 2021 after the woke mob accused him of defending racism in an interview on a previous contender’s podcast. Harrison was attacked for apparently defending a then-contestant, who had attended a “plantation-themed” party. Instead of rushing to attack the young woman in question, Harrison asked she be given “a little grace, a little understanding,” over her past behavior.

His comments, in my opinion, were blown massively out of proportion. Both Harrison and the contestant apologized to the woke patrol, but that wasn’t good enough, so “The Bachelor” replaced him with a new host. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Shows Renewed For 2022, The Canceled, And An Epic Throwback Rebrand)

The show has never recovered, but Harrison has gone from strength to strength. I am so excited to see this wonderful man making his comeback, and I will surely be tuning in!