Craziest Stories You Might Have Missed In 2022

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From the wildest weather, signals from space, to a dude beating a crocodile with a frying pan, 2022 has been a year of international chaos and craziness. Here are some of the weirdest, wildest news stories you might have missed along the way (just click on the links to read more!)

Let’s start with the weirdest but most rock-and-roll story of 2022, which involves an older Australian man getting into a verbal altercation with a crocodile, and then hitting it with a frying pan and chasing it out of the back yard of his pub. Of course, there was footage of the incident, and it’s exactly as epic as it sounds.

Human behavior was certainly one of the most fascinating aspects of 2022. A personal favorite of mine came from Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman, who wrote about an OnlyFans model being paid $100,000 by an NBA player to fly to Vegas to indulge in his fart fetish.

In fact, the human planet got so crazy this year that it felt like international chaos reached a fever pitch. The ickiest story was growth in potentially sentient AI, which spooked one Google developer so badly he was suspended from work. (RELATED: ‘The Most Vilified Population’: Prison Counselor For Sex Offenders Calls To Destigmatize Pedophiles)

Then there was also the craziness of the weather to contend with …

Wild and deadly weather was definitely a theme for 2022. You’re likely still recovering from the major winter storm that swept through Christmas, or perhaps still rebuilding from the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian.

Not a week went by this year without a strange, devastating, or deadly weather event. In June, the U.S. experienced what’s known as a “heat dome,” with more than 100 million people being placed under excessive heat warnings from Minnesota to the Florida Panhandle. Fire and storm conditions quickly ensued. In August, a fire tornado was even caught on camera in Los Angeles.

America wasn’t alone in its weird weather. The UK issued its first-ever extreme heat warning over the summer. Things got so toasty that the runways melted at the Royal Air Force base on the islands.

Could it be that various giant solar storms slammed into Earth, causing all of this climate chaos? Probably not, but we did see a bunch of massive solar storms in 2022. In July, a massive “canyon of fire” spewed solar material directly at Earth, compressing our magnetic field slightly. Bigger storms pose a more significant threat to our power grid.

We already had enough people shooting up various power substations around the country to worry too much about a devastating solar storm in 2023, but we will be keeping tabs on our skies for you, dear reader. We also have to keep an eye on those potentially hazardous asteroids that skim past us, and to see if we have any neighbors in foreign lands, somewhere in the great expanse of space.

The military and intelligence agencies likely aren’t going to update us on their alien investigations any time soon, even with NASA now helping their research efforts. Thankfully, we have plenty of first-person reports on various unidentified flying objects and aerial phenomena.

Closer to home, scientists stumbled upon a never-before-seen underwater “road” that they’re already trying to write off as a strange geological phenomenon. But could it be the ancient leftovers of a long forgotten civilization?

Could 2023 be the year when the human species finally starts admitting that we might not be the first iteration of peak civilization? If the research by Graham Hancock and his peers is anything to go on (and it definitely is) then humans with similar capabilities to our own might have been almost wiped out to extinction just over 10,000 years ago. Pretty cool huh? (RELATED: The Weird Things We Learned About UFOs In 2022)

There have been so many crazy stories in 2022 that it’s hard to fit them all in one article, so thanks for reading! Oh, and one last thing, it turns out some sharks can walk on land.

Enjoy 2023!!!