Toy Drive Set Up By Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest Mid-Game Raises $3.6 Million In Hours

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This whole situation sucks, but at least we can help.

Fans around the National Football League (NFL) are doing whatever they can to support Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin after he collapsed on the field Jan. 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals due to cardiac arrest.

Since entering the NFL, Hamlin has run a toy drive as his charity, and since the Monday Night Football incident, donations have been flooding the official GoFundMe account.

Originally, Hamlin’s toy drive had a goal of $2,500. Just moments after his cardiac event, donors flooded the toy drive with more than $650,000. Later in the night, it crossed the $1 million mark, and at the time of this writing here on the morning of Jan. 3, it has raised a total of $3,637,590.

I talked about it with my wife while writing this blog, and we’ll be making a donation after I get off work. If you have the extra cash, you should join us too.

The incident with Demar Hamlin is an absolute crazy one, and yeah, I have my thoughts and opinions on the matter, but quite frankly, I’d rather not get into it. It just sucks that this had to happen, but the most I can do is make a donation to his toy drive, and that’s exactly what I will be doing. (RELATED: Heisman Trophy-Winning Quarterback Bryce Young Declares For NFL Draft)

Again, if you can afford it, make a donation yourself. God willing, it would be cool for Hamlin to get out of the hospital and see millions of dollars in his toy drive. You know he would love that.

You can make that donation here.