Biden Claims His Daughter Is A Social Worker — She Hasn’t Been One For 11 Years

(Photo by Shedrick Pelt/Getty Images)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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President Joe Biden claimed during a speech Monday in Atlanta that his daughter Ashley is a social worker, even though she has not worked as one since 2012.

Ashley Biden was employed as a social worker with the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families for 15 years before joining the Delaware Center for Justice in 2012 as associate director. (RELATED: Karine Jean-Pierre Claims That Biden ‘Restored Independence’ At The DOJ)

Biden made the remarks while touting a commitment to reducing violent crime.

“Meanwhile, we’re making historic investments in community violence intervention. Studies have shown they reduced violent crime up to 60%. We’ve seen this kind of impact in Baltimore and Sacramento,” Biden said.

“And by the way, even if I didn’t want to do this I’d be in real trouble, my daughter is a social worker, this is what she does. So if I didn’t, I’d be in real trouble with my Ashley,” the president continued. “You think I’m joking I’m not joking.”

Biden made the remarks while delivering a speech at the civil rights group National Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast.

The president’s youngest daughter made headlines after her diary was allegedly stolen from a Florida halfway house where she had a rehab stint, and sold to investigative group Project Veritas. Reports circulated that Ashley claimed in the diary she had showered with her father when she was young, which he allegedly wrote was “probably not appropriate.”

Biden has made similar gaffes in the past. Famously, he said once that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” at a campaign event in 2019. Biden also once told a story about the “first woman trucker I met” named “Big Mama” in a speech at the White House in April.