REPORT: Denver Broncos Become The Favorite To Land Sean Payton As Head Coach

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Check out the Denver Broncos though … out here trying to make a power move.

The Denver Broncos are reportedly the favorites to land Sean Payton as their head coach. The former head coach of the New Orleans Saints — who won a Super Bowl in 2009 — has become a top target for multiple teams around the league.

With the NFL playoffs getting closer to its end, we may have an answer to the Payton question very soon, and it looks like that answer could be the Broncos, according to NOLA.com’s Jeff Duncan.

“All signs point to the Denver Broncos as the leader in the Sean Payton sweepstakes,” wrote Duncan. “Given the fluidity of the situation and the number of moving parts involved, things could change on a whim, so take that into consideration while trying to handicap this race. But right now, the Broncos appear to be the frontrunners for the former New Orleans Saints head coach.”

Duncan wrote that another visit between the two parties will happen soon, and that Payton and the Broncos “could be nearing a resolution.”

I’m loving this power move that the Denver Broncos are attempting.

I remember last year when my Miami Dolphins were trying to land both Payton and Tom Brady? You better believe I wanted them bad. Obviously, it didn’t work out. We ended up settling for Mike McDaniel — who I ended up falling in love with, by the way — so I’m happy to see that the interest in Payton doesn’t appear to be there from Miami (though the Dolphins were rumored to be interested if they’d missed the playoffs).

So, with no emotional investment in this whole ordeal, it’s pretty cool to see the Broncos trying to pull this off. Personally, I think Payton would absolutely kill it with Russell Wilson at the quarterback position.

Russell isn’t on a decline like some believe. I still think he has some game in him at 34 years old. I just think Nathaniel Hackett was so bad of a head coach that it made Wilson look historically bad. With Sean Payton, I don’t see that happening. In fact, I can see Payton turning Wilson into a Super Bowl-winning quarterback again. (RELATED: Shannon Sharpe Apologizes After Nearly Igniting Brawl With Entire Memphis Grizzlies Team)

Mark my words: if this happens, the Denver Broncos will at least be back in the playoffs next season — nothing short.

Already got Broncos fans dreaming:

And I don’t blame ’em.