Supermodel Kristen McMenamy Rips Off Shoes After Falling On Runway In Paris


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Supermodel Kristen McMenamy tore off her heels after falling on the runway during the Valentino Haute Couture show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday.

Cameras captured every angle of the moment the seasoned model took what appeared to be a very painful tumble in the middle of the fashion show. She began by commanding the runway in a stunning, heavily embroidered gown designed by the luxe fashion house Valentino. In mere seconds, she was on the floor tearing her heels off to finish her strut barefoot.

A few steps into her walk, McMenamy appeared to be experiencing difficulties walking, crossing one ankle over the other in an attempt to stay on her feet. She stumbled a few times, lost her footing, extended her arms in an attempt to regain her balance and finally hit the floor.

McMenamy’s reaction was to remove the shoes, which she struggled slightly to get off.

The model rose back to her feet and continued her walk on the runway, but the next few steps were equally awkward for her. (RELATED: Runway Model Falls Multiple Times Thanks To Her High Heels At New York Fashion Week)


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The video showed her feet bending inward at the ankle as she struggled to control her footing. The sloppy, wobbly, seemingly painful next steps were unsteady and uncoordinated. She eventually regained a more normal walk and disappeared from the camera’s view with one shoe in each hand.

McMenamy returned to social media after her fall with an indirect apology to Valentino.

The supermodel posted an image of herself in the dress and captioned the photo, “Thank you PP and House of Valentino!!!! I fvcked up.”

The video has since gone viral with over 2.5 million views. The video posted to Twitter has been viewed well over 10 million times.