REPORT: Denver Broncos And New Orleans Saints Reach Deal For Sean Payton

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s looking like Sean Payton will be the next head coach of the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints agreed on a trade Jan. 31 that will see Sean Payton become the next head coach of the Broncos franchise, according to ESPN. This is Denver’s 19th different head coach in team history.

In exchange for Payton, New Orleans will land a 2023 first-round pick from Denver, which will be 29th overall. The Saints will also receive a 2024 second-round pick, while the Broncos will also be getting a 2024 third-round selection from New Orleans along with Payton, according to sources who spoke with ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Denver is expected to make Payton one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, the outlet reported.

Well, the Denver Broncos got their guy, and good for them.

But it’s terrible for Sean Payton knowing that he originally wanted to come back as a Miami Dolphin chillin’ in South Beach, and now he has to settle for cold, cold Denver with Mike McDaniel doing so well?


Yeah, he’s got talent to work with on the Broncos roster, but man, Denver isn’t comparing to Miami, and I love Denver, but let’s just be honest here. And with the talent … Miami is far more loaded from what I’m seeing. It’s just the quarterback situation that makes me nervous with my Dolphins. (RELATED: Houston Texans Hire DeMeco Ryans As Head Coach)

Strong power move by the Denver Broncos though — you can’t take anything away from them, because quite frankly, I see this working out well. Payton is one hell of a coach and has Russell Wilson to work with, and the defense will be solid under his leadership. But still … It’s gotta suck just a little bit for Payton having to settle for Denver.

It ain’t South Beach, that’s for sure.