Davante Adams Suggests That Aaron Rodgers Is Coming To The Las Vegas Raiders

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Aaron Rodgers to Vegas? I can dig it.

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is waiting to see who his quarterback will be in 2023, and he suggested on Twitter that that quarterback could be Aaron Rodgers — and they could be living in the same neighborhood as well.

Adams was taking questions on Twitter when one user asked, “Which neighborhood is @AaronRodgers12 moving to?” referencing the rumors that Rodgers could soon be in Sin City. And Adams didn’t do anything but add fuel to the fire with a simple response.


The only other realistic option for Rodgers that I’m seeing right now are the New York Jets, but despite them being in New York City and having a pretty cool brand, they’re still the New York Jets.

Aaron, I would love to have you in South Beach, buddy, but the more time that goes by, the less I’m willing to push for my Miami Dolphins to give up so much (and take on so much at that with your salary) in order to get you. You’re expensive — both on our cap and what the Green Bay Packers are asking for.

Honestly, it was either Tom Brady or bust for me, so now that Brady is out of the picture (I still think he retired because of the Dolphins withdrawing their interest in him), I’m rockin’ with the team at this point and just wanna ride it out with Tua Tagovailoa. At the end of the day, the man is an elite quarterback.

So with that being said, where should you go, Aaron?

From where I’m sitting, there’s only one legitimate option: the Las Vegas Raiders. You’d automatically have an elite offense teaming up with Adams in the air and Josh Jacobs on the ground. Then, off the field, you’d be surrounded by pretty lights and palm trees — making Vegas (the glorious Sin City) as your business empire and playpen. (RELATED: REPORT: Miami Dolphins Land Best Defensive Coordinator In The NFL, Vic Fangio, After Whirlwind Few Days)

The only con that I see with this whole plan is that the Raiders were 26th in team defense last year, according to TeamRankings.com, so yeah, not the best. But if you can work out a deal with ownership that they’ll take care of you on that side of the ball (both free agency and the draft is approaching), then you’re set.

Aaron Rodgers, if I were you, I’d head to Vegas.