Dallas Stars Fan’s Mullet Nearly Flies Off After Getting Super-Punched

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @JeremyChuggs]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I’m sorry … but what a weird-looking mother(bleeper).

The Dallas Stars squared off Feb. 8 against the Minnesota Wild, with the former grabbing a 4-1 victory at the Stars’ home arena, American Airlines Center. Although the game went well for the hosts, it didn’t go so good for one of their fans as his mullet nearly flew off after being absolutely rocked by an older (and much bigger) gentleman.

What sticks out immediately is the fact that the guy who got punched was sporting one of the greasiest-looking mullets you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and then when you finally get over that, you see the guy’s face — he’s no Brad Pitt, we’ll just put it that way.

Well, he ends up getting into it with a fan who was just a row up from him (the video doesn’t show what started the confrontation) and the mullet guy (who appeared to be drinking and slurring his speech) says, “step down here,” and then goes on to label the other fan as the infamous N-word — they’re both white, by the way — and that’s when the older gentlemen landed a beautiful super-punch straight to the mullet guy’s mouth.

I just don’t understand.

How are you gonna have hair like that, a face like that, be small like that, and still go around acting like you’re a tough guy? (RELATED: Florida Panthers Launch Investigation After Their Mascot Viktor E. Ratt Gets Attacked By A Tampa Bay Lightning Fan)

This is why alcohol (and mullets) are bad, kids.