Gigi Hadid Details The Crippling Illness That Affects Every Aspect Of Her Life

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid opened up about a debilitating autoimmune disorder that affects every aspect of her life and prevents her from living a carefree lifestyle.

Hadid has dominated some of the world’s biggest runways, and represents the most luxe fashion houses in the industry, things aren’t always glamorous for the model. Behind the scenes, Hadid struggles with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s disease. She opened up about having to halt her work day to give her body a much-needed rest during her recent interview with Elle.

“One of the boundaries I have is that I have to tell my team when I need rest,” Hadid told the publication.

Hashimoto’s disease affects the thyroid gland, which interferes with regulation of many functions within the body. “The immune system creates antibodies that attack thyroid cells as if they were bacteria, viruses or some other foreign body,” according to The Mayo Clinic.

Hadid admitted that her battle with Hashimoto’s disease causes severe fatigue and wreaks havoc with her body temperature.

“When it’s a really cold shoot, it takes a lot of time for my body to recover temperature-wise, and it can make me shaky,” Hadid admitted to Elle. She is also negatively affected if the temperature on-set is too hot for her body.

“Sometimes it’s better than other times,” the supermodel said. (RELATED: Supermodel Gigi Hadid Breaks Down In Tears Over The Pressures Of Fame)


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Hadid detailed the various ways her career is impacted by her autoimmune disorder, and spoke about the concessions she makes in order to keep pace with the demands of her job.

“I’m usually taking a nap during my lunch breaks, and I will eat my lunch when I’m retouching hair and makeup after,” Hadid told Elle.

“It’s just something that I’ve had to deal with over the years, ” Hadid said. Her team has had to also get used to her frequent breaks and struggles with body temperature regulation. The model credited her entourage for being supportive and understanding when she has to veer away from original plans to tend to her health.

“I think I’ve just learned to make it work for me, and what helps me get through the day and do my best,” Hadid told Elle.