King Charles Is Finally Done With His Epstein-Linked Brother, And The British Should Be Dancing In The Streets

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Prince Andrew has always been the creepiest slimeball of the British monarchy, at least for us Brits, and now the King finally appears to be done with him (we hope).

Throughout my childhood in the U.K., jokes were perpetually made at the expense of Prince Andrew, the brother of King Charles III. He was sweaty, greasy, a groveling little snot boy and second-youngest son* of our late Queen. As we Brits are taxed to support the existence of the monarchy and all its members, Andrew, the spare heir for the spare heir, appeared to be a useless appendage that we were all forced to financially support.

When Andrew’s ties to the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were revealed to the public, most of my British friends and family were far from taken aback. We were disgusted with the allegations against him, of course, but we sort of expected this behavior from him. Andrew’s reputation far precedes him.

We were more furious that we had been paying for this loser with our hard-earned money. But it looks like we’ll be dancing in the streets in the coming days, finally done with the human slug that is Prince Andrew.

Reports released Wednesday by the New York Post suggest that our new King is evicting his  brother from Windsor Castle and slashing his income. (RELATED: Prince Harry Reportedly Says Drugs Helped Him Find ‘The Truth’)

It’s unclear whether that income was part of the $12 million legal “war chest” Prince Andrew used to launch a case against one of the women who accused him of sexual abuse when she was trafficked to the U.K. by Epstein and his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. He later paid a settlement to the same accuser, CNN reported.

I don’t want to speak ill of our late Queen, but she absolutely should have done this to her son years ago. He serves zero purpose, and is essentially every Briton’s useless, couch-dwelling perverted uncle who leaves a mess everywhere he goes.

The fact we’ve been paying for Prince Andrew to exist for this long should be a criminal offense on the part of the monarchy, and I personally feel he should pay back every single penny he’s taken from the British public.