Watch Biden Trip While Boarding Air Force One

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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President Joe Biden appeared to trip while boarding Air Force One on Wednesday, video footage posted to social media shows.

Air Force One was set to depart Warsaw, Poland. Video shows Biden nearly making it to the entryway of the plane before he takes a tumble and quickly scrambles to his feet.

Biden has been rather unlucky when it comes to stairs, having tumbled going up the stairs of Air Force One while heading to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021. (RELATED: ‘It’s Very Windy’: White House Spokeswoman Explains Biden’s Double Stumble Climbing Air Force One Stairs)

Biden was walking up the stairs when he got halfway to the top before losing his footing. Biden recovered only to once gain stumble before then completely falling onto the stairs. Biden did manage to get to his feet and recover, dusting his pants off before boarding the plane.

Biden took another infamous tumble in June when he fell off his bike while riding near his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home. Secret Service agents immediately swarmed the president and helped get him to his feet.