Courtney Cox Hysterically Mocks Gen Zers


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Courtney Cox hilariously mocked Generation Z in a video posted to her Instagram account on Wednesday.

The 58-year-old “Friends” star attempted to transform herself into a Gen Z girl and absolutely nailed in the most outrageous way. The video was set to Sam Smith’s “Unholy” and showed Cox rummaging through her closet to find the perfect outfit. She resurfaced wearing baggy printed jeans and a tiny crop top and proceeded to glam-up, making sure to flash her rock hard abs to her 12.1 million fans and followers.

“Am I slaying this right?” her caption read.


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The clip began with Cox scrolling social media on her phone and getting inspired by images she found online.

“Look at these Gen Z girls, so cute,” Cox said. “I wanna do that.”

The video then showed all the effort she put into that transformation.

Close up shots of the famous actress’ face showed the star applying cat-eye liner, contour and highlights before she splashed her lips with some color. She continued mocking the latest fashion trends by putting her hair in pigtails and straightening a few strands to frame her face. (RELATED: Paul Rudd Describes Mixed Feelings About Being Part Of The ‘Friends’ Franchise)

Cox stayed true to form in her Gen Z character by proceeding to mock the personality traits of the younger generation. She posted against a wall near her closet and proceeded to take a number of selfies, like all Gen Zers do.

The actress made a series of exaggerated facial expressions while snapping photos of herself, and her dogs watched as she paraded her new look. She flashed a peace sign and stuck her tongue out at the camera while living it up in her new role.

The video ended when she was abruptly interrupted by a man’s voice calling out her name.

“Oh shit, he’s home!” she said, and the video cut out.