Salma Hayek Unzips Her Dress, Shows She Can Look Good Doing Just About Anything


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A video posted to Salma Hayek’s Instagram account Tuesday showed the star standing in the kitchen with her fancy Oscars gown unzipped at the back while she devoured a sandwich.

The famous actress proved she could keep things real and be authentically herself despite what the naysayers and online trolls may have to say about her actions. Not only did she let loose, she also looked spectacular while doing so. Hayek didn’t care about the dress or how she would be perceived for smashing a sandwich on video while dressed to the nines. Her fans flooded Hayek with playful, positive comments, clearly mesmerized by the star’s down-to-earth moment.


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The video showed Hayek all dolled up after the Oscars as she casually leaned over a kitchen counter while taking big bites of food. She twirled for the camera, revealing her completely bare back as the fancy gown unfolded around her frame with the zipper undone.

The formalities of the Oscars were clearly over, and the famous actress wasn’t going to give up on food for the sake of fashion.

The video shows bottles and highball glasses placed on the counter, as Hayek leaned in to take a few big bites of her sandwich. (RELATED: Salma Hayek Brought The ‘Magic Mike’ Strippers Home With Her)

The person filming the candid scene could be heard saying “expectation versus reality” as Hayek spun in a little circle with her dress still unzipped.

Hayek was every bit the stunner as she dug in to the food, proving she could do just about anything and still look incredible.