Famous Actor Shaun Weiss Turns His Troubles Into A Comedic Act


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous “Mighty Ducks” actor Shaun Weiss turned his past addiction problems and run-ins with the law into hysterical content for his stand-up comedy routine.

Wiess got candid during his recent April show at the Mic Drop Comedy Club in San Diego by firing off a number of jokes at his own expense. His material was fueled by the numerous errors he said he’s made in the past. Weiss’ ability to look back at his mistakes with humor proved to be an infectious treat for audience members, who responded with roaring laughter, video shared by TMZ shows.

Weiss poked fun at his own mugshot from his 2020 arrest. He joked about TMZ publishing his mugshot for the world to see, then used that photo as the basis for much of his content during the show.

“They put my mugshot out there and that was rough. I’ll tell ya, they’re not using any Instagram filters down there at the station, okay folks?” he quipped.

“This photo was rough,” Weiss said.

“You know you look bad when your drug dealer doesn’t wanna be seen in public with you. That’s when you should reassess things. I’m like ‘Bro, can I get a bag?’ He’s like, ‘Dude, meet me in the back, you look awful.’ I’m like, ‘I know, I think it’s the shit you’ve been giving me,'” Weiss joked.

The “Mighty Ducks” star continued to present serious source material through his set by joking about his triggers for drug use. He poked fun at getting arrested for stealing things to fuel his drug habit when he ran out of money, and had the crowd laughing at his past misfortune throughout his entire segment. (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Care About My Life’: Cara Delevingne Describes The Depths Of Her Addiction)

Weiss has reportedly been working on his stand-up act for a little over a year.

He is currently touring and notes, “100% of the proceeds go toward helping a child actor stay off drugs,” according to TMZ.