Bill Maher Tells Elon Musk ‘It’s Too Easy To Get Canceled’ On Twitter

Screenshot, Bill Maher, Twitter

James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Comedian and HBO host Bill Maher told Twitter CEO Elon Musk Friday he does not tweet anymore because “it’s too easy to get canceled” by a mob.

Maher interviewed Musk Friday during his late night show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” proceeding to discuss the user experience on Twitter. (RELATED: Elon Musk Explains The ‘Woke Mind Virus’ To Bill Maher)

“But most of the people who tweet are the same people, right? I mean the people who actually tweet as opposed to just reading it. I feel like that’s — I’ve read this many times — that’s a very small percentage of the people on Twitter and it seems like, here’s why I don’t tweet anymore,” Maher said.

“Because you may be the mayor of tweet town now and I’m glad — I like it that the mayor likes my jokes — but the reason I don’t do it anymore is because the mob of mean girls is still there and that has not changed. Like, it’s too easy to get canceled and I don’t even know what pisses them off: they’re so nuts, these kids. I feel like I’m walking on a roof with a blind fold: I could fall off anytime, that was the most innocuous thing, but it’s like, you know, I said George Washington was a great president — oh how dare you,” Maher continued.

“Yeah, yeah exactly he had some flaws but overall he was instrumental in the creation of the United States,” Musk replied.

“So how do you fix that, Mr. Mayor?” Maher asked.

“You have to say, like, what does canceled mean? You know — I mean, yes, if people attack you on Twitter that’s one thing — but frankly that’s just going to increase engagement. So I would just ignore it,” Musk said.

Maher proceeded to ask Musk about artificial intelligence before returning to the topic of Twitter. They discussed Musk’s vision for making Twitter into a free speech platform and his time spent living at Twitter’s headquarters.