Who Would Have Guessed, Harry And Meghan Are Entitled Brats Who Can’t Run A Media Company?

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s dreams of media dominance appear to have come to an end, according to a detailed editorial published Saturday by The Wall Street Journal.

The editorial predominantly focuses on the moderate rise and astronomical fall of Harry and Meghan as they attempted to enter the horrific world of mainstream Hollywood entertainment. Despite a $100 million deal with Netflix, and more than $20 million from Spotify, the royals have been met with more cancellations and rejections than hints of success.

Harry wrote “Spare,” which did very well. They made a six-part series together, which also apparently did well. Otherwise, all of their other creative pursuits have flopped, and I think God is trying to tell them something.

In the U.K., it is generally understood that God appoints the monarchy. It is a serious undertaking the requires those within the line of succession to put God and country above all else, and being part of entertainment is literally the total opposite of His calling for Harry’s family.

Not only that, but mainstream Hollywood entertainment is literally one of the most Satanic milieus in the western hemisphere. Yes, there are worse things, but there is little that comes from Hollywood that truly feeds the soul, so Harry and Meghan’s failure to succeed should serve as a warning, prompting them to pivot back to being true servants of the people, not entitled brats.

There is nothing worse than knowing someone before, during and after Hollywood-style fame. Before, these people are usually very good, giving and self-aware, like both Harry and Meghan appeared to be prior to their foray.

During their fame, people are stupid, ugly in their hearts and insanely egotistical. I had a good friend go from being an unrepresented artist to a leading man on a huge franchise spinoff show, and he went from a kind, generous, polite person to someone who yells at production assistants.

Along with drug addiction, mental illness and untreated trauma, fame is one of the worst things one can inflict upon their psychology. (RELATED: Brendan Fraser’s Commentary On Awards Is The Most Refreshing Analysis Of Hollywood)

But after fame is where things can really go one of two ways: toward happiness, or toward hell. I hope that this young couple packs up, buys a house somewhere safe, clean, and away from the cameras, and goes back to helping people … quietly. If they continue on their current path, they might be doomed for all eternity.