Video Shows Alleged NYC Subway Aggressor In Escalation Leading To Fatal Stabbing

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Newly released video shows NYC subway aggressor Devictor Ouedraogo confronting fellow passengers shortly before he was fatally stabbed June 13.

The 36-year-old straphanger attacked Jordan Williams and harassed other passengers before Williams stabbed the assailant to protect himself and his girlfriend, according to the New York Post. A grand jury Wednesday declined to charge Williams after viewing the footage.

Williams had been accused of manslaughter after allegedly knifing Ouedraogo to death during the June 13 altercation in the subway car.

Multiple videos from the incident were recorded by witnesses and reportedly presented as evidence to the grand jury. At least one unidentified witness testified before the grand jury, according to the outlet.

Ouedraogo is seen allegedly antagonizing a seated woman on the Brooklyn J train near Marcy Avenue at the beginning of the one minute, 27-second video clip. He reportedly gets in her face and touches her wrist, prompting the woman to push him away. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Tries To Rape Woman In Public, Womab Fights Back With Pocketknife)

“Stop it,” she is heard saying.

Ouedraogo continued to reportedly harass the woman, gyrating his hips.

“You understand what I’m saying to you,” Ouedraogo said.

An unidentified man wearing a denim vest accompanied Ouedraogo in the alleged attack as the woman told the two to stop a second time.

Ouedraogo reportedly threatened train passengers he was “going to erase someone,” but this was reportedly not caught on camera.

Twenty seconds into the video, Ouedraogo is shown striking a woman later identified as Williams’ girlfriend. A fight ensued, and Ouedraogo allegedly placed his hands around Williams’ neck. This is when Williams reportedly reached for a knife and stabbed the aggressor.

“Get your fucking hands off of him,” a female voice was heard saying before the stabbing occurred.

Ouedraogo collapsed, blood pouring from his abdomen. Police escorted him to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital where he later died.

Williams immediately expressed shock after the stabbing. Other passengers, including his girlfriend, are heard telling Williams he was “going to jail.”

Charges were dropped against Williams after his 45-minute testimony about the altercation.

Williams reportedly has no criminal history, while Ouedraogo is an ex-convict.

This case evoked comparisons to Daniel Penny’s case, in which the off-duty marine allegedly killed Jordan Neely by placing him in a 15-minute chokehold. Penny pled not guilty to charges of second-degree manslaughter, claiming he was defending himself and other passengers from Neely’s allegedly threatening behavior.