REPORT: 15-Foot ‘Big Mama’ Python Escapes In Los Angeles


William Thompson Contributor
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Residents of Chatsworth, Los Angeles, are on edge after a 15-foot python named “Big Mama” managed to escape from its enclosure, causing fear for their safety and that of their pets, according to ABC 7.

“We’re concerned. We’re pretty antsy. We’ve been looking day and night,” Alex Villalta of Chatsworth expressed the community’s growing unease in an interview with the ABC 7.

Earlier this month the reticulated python, known for its nocturnal habitation in the garage and daytime refuge in an outdoor sanctuary, made a daring escape through an unlocked cage, according to ABC 7.

The owner reassured the residents Big Mama’s diet mainly consists of rabbits, indicating her hunger should not be a pressing concern, the outlet noted.

However, smaller animals like dogs and cats are reportedly not exempt from her potential targets, according to the interview. (RELATED: 12-Foot Python On The Loose After Escaping From Shopping Mall)

Geoffrey Mantonya, owner of a reptile shop, shed light on the feeding habits of reticulated pythons.

“They start off eating small things like mice and rats. Once they get really big, they can eat things like rabbits, like pigs, birds.”

Despite the perceived threat posed by Big Mama, Villalta voiced his concerns for the snake’s well-being.

“We’re pretty scared that somebody might harm the snake.”

The owner has taken extensive measures, distributing over 300 flyers throughout the neighborhood hoping to locate Big Mama, per the outlet. Villalta implored anyone who spots Big Mama to contact the provided number on his flyers or reach out to Animal Control immediately.

To further encourage Big Mama’s safe return, the owners have offered a reward of $1000, the outlet reported.