Wee Man Criticizes Snow White Movie, Says Little People’s Jobs Are Being Taken


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actor and stunt performer Wee Man slammed Disney’s decision to hire normal-sized actors to play the role of dwarfs in the upcoming “Snow White” live-action remake.

The “Jackass” star, whose real name is Jason Acuña, was stopped at The Apple Pan in Los Angeles and shared his opinion about little people being replaced by actors of normal height in the Disney movie. “It’s a bad thing, I’m not agreeing with it,” Wee Man told TMZ. “What you’re doing is you’re pretty much replacing jobs that people can have, as little people.”

Acuña called out Disney and noted that there is still time to rectify the situation.

“It’s not affecting me, personally,” he said, though he did note that the movie is called “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs,” not “Snow White and the seven average people.”

Acuña then argued that others in Hollywood were making the same mistakes.

“Hugh Grant is now playing an oompa loompa” he said, referring to the forthcoming “Wonka” origin story film. “So I guess, Hugh Grant, you’re now identifying as a little person…interesting…wow.” (RELATED: Jamie Foxx Returns To Work After Mysterious Medical Crisis)

Wee Man also predicted that Disney, which has suffered a series of box office disappointments, would face backlash for its casting decision.

“If that’s what they’re gonna do, then I guess they’re gonna have a lot of people angry at them,” Acuña said. “If they wanna make it right, they redo the movie and they re-cast.”

“Make it better, Disney,” he added.