Devon Archer Appears To Confirm Hunter Biden’s Involvement In Ukrainian Oligarch’s Visa Scheme

(Screenshot, Tucker Carlson, Twitter)

James Lynch Contributor
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Hunter Biden’s business associate Devon Archer appeared to confirm details about a U.S. visa scheme previously reported by the Daily Caller involving the president’s son and Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky.

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson interviewed Archer on Wednesday about his foreign business dealings with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s alleged participation in meetings with Hunter Biden’s business associates. Archer said the U.S. visa scheme was an example of how Hunter Biden used his government connections to benefit their clients. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Worked To Secure US Visa For Ukrainian Oligarch Allegedly Involved In Suspected Biden Bribery Scheme)

“Yeah. So we’re going to, we’ve got a complex business that intersects with government. We need a guy who knows it,” Carlson said three minutes into his interview with Archer.

Right. How do I, you know, deal with getting a guy a visa that needs to come over for a business deal, call our lobbyist that knows the guy in DHS or used to work in DHS or, you know, in Customs, Border Patrol, or the people at the embassy and state, that might be able to help,” Archer said. 

So there are very tactical elements that are regulatory and compliance and governance that you have to go through. And you got to know the guy that worked at the old agency that now has a lobbying firm that can go back to the agency and, you know, get get things put to the front of the line,” he added. 

Archer and Hunter Biden participated in a scheme to get Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky a U.S. visa beginning in May 2014, shortly after they joined Ukrainian energy firm Burisma’s board, according to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop archive reviewed by the Daily Caller.

Archer and Biden worked with former Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP partner Heather King and other business associates to influence government officials in an attempt to secure a U.S. visa for Zlochevsky. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Warned Devon Archer About Potential FARA Violations Right Before Taking Burisma Board Seat, Emails Show)

In late May 2014, King emailed Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi about communications with the State Department about Zlochevsky’s visa situation, the laptop archive shows. King also emailed Pozharski about her discussions with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine in May 2014 and described an upcoming call with the “Ukraine desk” the following month, emails indicate.

Pozharskyi first emailed Archer about the “visa issue” earlier in the month and referred to “previous communications” about the matter. He demanded an update from Archer on the visa situation in October 2014 and Archer immediately emailed Hunter Biden about whether Biden he spoke with DHS about the issue, emails demonstrate.

Pozharskyi previously suggested that Hunter Biden sign a U.S. visa application for Zlochevsky to improve his chances of getting a visa. King sent Pozharskyi an invitation letter for Zlochevsky in September 2014 and Pozharskyi reminded King, “the correct spelling of his name is Mykola Zlochevskyi,” emails show.

When Biden and Archer’s initial attempts to get Zlochevsky a visa were unsuccessful, they tried to leverage a Mexican connection to get Zlochevsky into Mexico, a situation complicated by the Ukrainian’s issues getting a U.S. visa, according to emails in Biden’s laptop archive.

In Nov. 2015, Biden and Archer’s business associate Eric Schwerin told Pozharskyi that former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director John Sandweg was brought in to work on Zlochevsky’s visa.

Sandweg informed Schwerin about his requests for individuals within DHS and the State Department to search their databases for information about Zlochevsky’s visa. A source close to the matter previously told the Daily Caller that Sandweg worked solely with Schwerin and did not communicate with Archer or Biden.

Archer testified to the House Oversight Committee Monday about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and described how Joe Biden contacted his son’s business associates over 20 times, according to a statement from Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee. Archer specifically described Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi’s pressure on Hunter Biden to “call D.C.” get Shokin fired, Comer said.

Zlochevsky is the Ukrainian oligarch named in an FBI FD-1023 form with allegations that Zlochevsky paid bribes to Joe and Hunter Biden to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. The FBI document was released by Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley when Department of Justice whistleblowers sent it to Grassley. Comer said in June the FBI is currently investigating the Biden bribery allegations.