Aaron Rodgers Hilariously Calls His Former Coach A Fat Little B*tch

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s pretty obvious that Aaron Rodgers is loving the Big Apple.

Throughout his journey in New York City this summer, we’ve seen the four-time MVP quarterback enjoying himself at Taylor Swift concerts, doing his thing at the gym, hanging out with his new teammates and purchasing a mansion near MetLife Stadium. On top of that, he even got to meet Liev Schreiber of “Hard Knocks” — a dream of his.

Needless to say, Rodgers looks happy to be a New York Jet.

That looseness was on display in the most recent “Hard Knocks” episode, where the Jets and Carolina Panthers held a joint practice together. At one point, Rodgers saw James Campen, his old offensive line coach while with the Packers and now at the same position with the Panthers. So what does Aaron Rodgers do to say hello to his old ball coach?

By simply sneaking up on him and calling him a “fat little b*tch.”

“What’s up little b*tch, yeah? What are you doing? What are you doing, huh? You look fat as sh*t.”


Normally I hate the Jets, but it’s pretty cool to see what’s going on with them right now.

They’ve got Aaron Rodgers, just signed Dalvin Cook, have a stacked roster, are getting all of this hype heading into the new season and all of it’s being recorded on “Hard Knocks.” On top of that, it’s all happening in one of the greatest cities in the world — New York City.

Yeah, I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, but why hate the on paper swag?

It is pretty sexy after all, and Aaron Rodgers is a very likable guy, I must admit. Yeah, I still think it’s going to be a train-wreck of a season for them because the Jets and hype don’t mix well together at all, but I can at least appreciate what they’ve built. It’s a bag of swag in New York right now. (RELATED: New York Assistant Coach Tony Oden Taken To Hospital After Multiple Brawls Break Out In Jets-Buccaneers Joint Practice)

Hey … it’s more than what most Dolphins fans will say. Take it, Jets fans.