Andy McCarthy Lays Out How Biden’s October Could Be Full Of Surprises

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy laid out Thursday how President Joe Biden’s October could be full of surprises.

McCarthy first argued House Republicans have a “basis” to launch an impeachment inquiry into Biden over alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors and bribery.”

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy recently said that if Republicans launch an impeachment inquiry into the president, then they can gain access to bank records, paperwork and other information to further their investigation into the Biden family, with Andy McCarthy saying the speaker needs to “stand on the principle that the executive branch can’t withhold this information from Congress. And that ought to be something that every Republican can agree with, even if they don’t want to go down the impeachment road, which is a long way from now.”

“Time this out for us, Andy — an inquiry could last however long, an investigation, the impeachment process, if that were to actually come to that, it could take X amount of time, and now you’re right, maybe smack-dab in the middle of the 2024 election?” host Dana Perino asked.

“When you mentioned before that the next debate was coming up in a month, I was thinking the week after the next debate, Trump’s first big civil trial starts in New York. And he could be on trial himself pretty much from October through next summer, depending on how these cases cut. We keep talking about the four criminal cases. There’s also three civil trials coming up between October and the end of, probably the end of March,” McCarthy said, arguing Trump supporters will likely pressure Republicans to ramp up investigations into Biden.

“So I think there will be a lot of pressure, especially from Trump supporters in the House, that if the Biden investigation is going anywhere, it ought to be a parallel investigation to what’s going on with Trump. I think there’ll be a lot of pressure to say, you know, if Democrats are going to put Trump through these paces, that the Biden investigation’s gonna be ratcheted up. I think that’s just the way our politics works,” he continued. (RELATED: US Officials Were ‘Impressed’ By Prosecutor Joe Biden Got Fired, New Revelations Show)

Biden recently announced he hired an Obama administration lawyer to step in as White House counsel amid growing investigations into his family. The House Oversight Committee is currently investigating Biden’s alleged ties to his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings while he served as vice president. A report from the committee found the Biden family and its associates received more than $20 million in payments from Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Kazakh business associates.