NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Gets Butt Cheek Tattoo Of Himself And His Girlfriend

Screenshot/Instagram/Dennis Rodman

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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NBA legend Dennis Rodman got a tattoo of his girlfriend, Yella Yella, and he put it right on his ass.

Couple tattoos are common, but this is definitely an interesting spot for a tattoo of his and his girlfriend’s faces. Rodman added the ink at a tattoo shop in Florida this week and there’s a video of the big reveal for those interested in tuning in.  The video shows the final moments after Rodman got inked, and zooms in close on the substantially sized images of the two faces. The images take up his entire left cheek.


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This was a unique way to honor his girlfriend, and most would agree the ink placement for this type of tattoo is a bit unconventional. Rodman seemed thrilled with it, and was all smiles as he entered the shop to get it done.

Rodman shared a video of the entire tattoo process on social media, revealing to fans that Yella Yella had no knowledge of the tattoo before it happened. We can only imagine her shock upon discovering she was immortalized on her boyfriend’s ass.

“Always By My Side 😮🫣🤭 Subscribe to 👉🏾YouTube channel to watch full Video #branded #whynot #explore” he wrote in his Instagram caption. (RELATED: Dennis Rodman Gets Giant Face Tattoo Of His Girlfriend)

This wasn’t the first time Rodman headed to a tattoo shop to get Yella Yella’s image permanently inked on his body. He also put a portrait of her face on his (face) cheek back in July, and shared a video of the entire process with his 2.5 million fans and followers.

Rodman still has half of his ass bare — it’s hard to imagine what he’ll do next.