Video Shows Small Plane Crash Into Car During Emergency Landing

(Screenshot/Public/TikTok user: @jackschneider17)

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A small plane crash-landed Saturday on a roadway in McKinney, Texas, colliding with a car after overshooting the runway, WFAA reported.

The pilot was reportedly attempting an emergency landing at Aero County Airport after a flight from Midland, Texas, but couldn’t halt the aircraft at the end of the runway. The plane breached a fence and hit a vehicle on Virginia Parkway, as captured on video by local resident Jack Schneider, according to WFAA.

@jackschneider17 Airplane is a turboprop LX7. Thankfully everyone was ok! Repost with credit. #aviation #airplane #crash ♬ original sound – Jack Schneider

“I saw the airplane coming down the runway quickly I knew that he wasn’t gonna have time to stop. It was clearly going too fast, the tires were smoking,” Schneider, who filmed the accident on his phone, told the outlet. “So I quickly pulled out my phone because I could tell something was about to happen.”

McKinney Fire Department paramedics assessed three individuals including two from the plane and the car’s driver. The driver was later hospitalized with minor injuries, per WFAA. (RELATED: Video Shows Massive FedEx Jet Making Smokey Crash Landing At Tennessee Airport)

The pilot, apparently making his first landing at Aero Airport, reportedly told onlookers that the aircraft’s reverse thrust — a part that slows the aircraft down — was not operational, the outlet noted.

“It was completely surreal. I wasn’t expecting it, obviously… Everybody is okay though and we’re all thankful that nobody was hurt,” Schneider told WFAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is sending investigators to ascertain the crash’s cause. Motorists have been advised to avoid the area due to expected lengthy road closures, the report noted.