Morgan Wallen Cleans Up At The Billboard Music Awards. Finally!


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Morgan Wallen walked away Sunday with 11 wins at the Billboard Music Awards and was crowned the top winner overall.

Wallen may have been snubbed by all the boring losers in pop culture, but Billboard finally gave him the awards recognition he deserved Sunday night. He walked away with the official awards for Top Album, Top Country Album, Hot 100 Song, Top Streaming Song, Top Country Artist, Country Tour, Country Song and more. And can we say we’re surprised?

Billboard has never bowed to the corporate pop culture rhetoric on Wallen. Since he started hitting dingers with “Dangerous: The Double Album,” the Tennessee native has gone from strength-to-strength in his musical ability and success. And Billboard has championed him the whole way.

Wallen also performed the song “’98 Braves” for the awards show from Atlanta Ballpark, as seen in a video shared to his official YouTube channel.

“Like the song says, ‘You win some, you lose some,'” Wallen said, noting the CMA Award’s decision to shut him out of the 2023 wins, despite three nominations and being the most popular singer in the nation. “The last awards show I went to, we came home empty-handed. This one, I don’t have enough hands for them all. So either way, I promise I’m gonna stay the same, whether we come home with 10 or zero. I’m gonna give y’all my all, every single night and every time I go into the studio. … All these awards are really, it’s for my fans. So thank you guys so much.” RELATED: Morgan Wallen Shares Devastating Injury That Changed His Life)

There’s no telling where Wallen will go from here. He could easily retire and relax for the rest of his life, maybe doing a tour every five years or so. But something tells me this guy isn’t going to slow down for anything. Perhaps we’ll even get another surprise new album before the year is up!