Footage Appears To Show Gunfire Erupting While Cameras Roll During Music Video Recording


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Cameras captured the moment gunfire appeared to erupt during the filming of a rap video by up-and-coming Gary, Indiana, artist, Screwly G.

The graphic video, which is making its rounds on social media, showed the beginnings of a rap music video recording as a room full of rappers and performers sang lyrics in unison. The men were rapping while facing the camera, completely unaware of the apparent danger looming behind them. But the scene was cut short when suddenly gunshots were apparently heard.

The men took cover, and countless rounds appeared to continue to be fired as the rappers hit the floor. The sound of shattered glass was heard, followed immediately by a chaotic scene as the men scrambled in search of safety, not knowing where the apparent gunshots were coming from.

The camera captured footage of multiple men ducking, with no real place to hide.

Some took cover behind furniture, while a man in a greens shirt stood dazed, in search of a place to go. He moved from side to side while leaning against what appeared to be a kitchen counter.

Gunfire apparently erupted once more and it seemed like multiple rounds were fired. Amid the horrific scene, the camera shifted.


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The hand of a someone with a gun appeared to come into view again, and the footage captured the apparent sound of more gunfire. (RELATED: REPORT: At Least 10 Injured As Gunfire Erupts While Rapper Records Music Video)

The location of the filming and apparent subsequent shooting has not been revealed. There have been no reports indicating the identities of the suspects involved, the reason for the shooting or the condition of the men who were inside the building at the time. It is not clear if Screwly G was hit by gunfire, as the rapper’s condition and whereabouts are not known at this time.

This story continues to develop.